College INC

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College Inc

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This film focuses on the ethics of for profit educational institutions. With most of the coverage revolving around what critics characterize as the unethical and disloyal failure to inform students of the huge debt burden they will incur. Also the low graduation and retention rates to which they may fall victim, and the struggle they will likely face to obtain employment after graduation.

The Huffington Post reported, that students from for-profit schools are more likely to borrow and drop out than at nonprofit schools. The report also finds that the majority of enrolled students leave without a degree, half of them within four months. Most of the schools’ money was spent on recruiting, marketing, profiting, and CEO salaries whereas less than 18 percent was spent on instruction. The schools’ chief executive officers made an average of $7.3 million.

Nonprofits, state governments, and the federal government have made various attempts to regulate these institutions more carefully. The Obama administration and the U.S. Department of Education are involved in an ongoing legal battle fighting to force more disclosure by for-profit colleges. Many state legislatures have proposed and passed laws tightening the governments grip on these institutions.

Obtaining a higher education does not mean merely that one will be equipped with the skills necessary to compete in the global marketplace. Instead a student should also have the opportunity to learn for learning’s sake. College is a time when students have an opportunity to engross themselves in great texts, immerse themselves in topics that they may never encounter again in their professions, and to think critically about the world’s problems and what it means to be a good, ethical citizen in today’s global society.

In fact, since the beginning of higher education in the United States, dating back to Harvard College in...
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