College Graduation

Topics: High school, Graduation, Academic dress Pages: 3 (899 words) Published: May 16, 2012
“I've blamed myself enough for all the mistakes I've done during college.” And funny how I said that as though I'm already done with college. To tell you upfront, I'm still in college (that should be obvious) but most of my batch-mates are graduating (or have graduated) already. I really thought college was going to be an easy peasy affair.

But NO! Hell no. At first it was a delightful experience – everything’s new and seems alright. It actually felt like you’re just in high school. Taking breaks, naps, skip boring classes and play around from time to time. But as you slowly welcome changes you will realize the harsh reality that College can be an arena for gladiatorial combat. It’s not like how you thought it would be. Not when you’ve entered a State University.

It’s the survival of the fittest, I say. A few of you might disagree and say college is survival of the smarty pants. But I believe all of us were smart enough to land on a course and a University like that. It’s actually just up to you how you’re going to survive. Just pray that Effie Trinket’s there to say “Happy College Life! And may the odds be ever in your favor!”. Right then, you might just have a chance!? Or maybe not.

So, from a good scholarly boy I turned into an indolent underachiever. I don’t know how that happened and admittedly I think it’s my fault for aiming the wrong target – just the passing grade.

At first of course, I craved and tried to get some really good grades. But later on I’ve come to ask myself “Why should I, when others don’t?” How come I feel alone in a supposedly competitive environment? Is it just me or my classmates have gone tired of the ‘usual’ high school academic drive? And man I looked everywhere to find an answer and there I saw myself – and hell I realized I just can’t act like a high school goofball anymore.

I set aside everything I knew because I thought had to fit well with my new environment and finally I caught on into the “College Pride”...
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