Collectors of Treasures

Topics: Love, Africa, Marriage Pages: 3 (1358 words) Published: September 29, 2014

Collectors of Treasures

Ziyan Pei

In The Collector of Treasures, Bessie Head depicts the life in Botswana village, which provides a window for readers to learn about daily lives in Africa. Since 1960s, a lot of African countries had won the independence. People got their freedom suddenly from the colonization. However, although men in the book had been free from the external world, lots of men did not have any resources in their internal world, which means men did not own their personal identity. Many wicked men were similar: indulging in some primary pleasure, treating wives without love and respect, and they only cared about themselves. Whereas the women in the book did own their self-identity, which could be illustrated by The Special One and The Collector of Treasures: Dikeledi was warm-heart and brave, and Gaenametse tried to find her true love no matter how people in the town would judge her.They knew what they should do, and they had ability to think.

The Special One depicts an important heroine, Gaenametse, a pitiful lady enduring an unhappy marriage. Gaenametse loved her husband deeply, and she said,” My love for my husband has reached the over-limit stage”.” No one could have loved my husband as much as I did.” (page 82 and page 84). Unfortunately, from the people’s comments,”Gaenametse has a very bad husband. He is off from woman to woman.”(page 83), we learn that Gaenametse’s husband did not love her at all. Even her love and care could not get him back. Eventually, she divorced from her husband, and fell into misery, “So acute was her misery that her whole body was shaken by sobs”. Gaenametse was also “dressing up like old Mrs Maleboge which she tried to build up an image of respect”. However, on contrary to her misery after divorce, her husband treated her with worst malice. He scattered mendacious scandals about her, “deliberately invoked the old tribal tatoo to boost his image”(page 85), which is that Gaenametse...
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