Topics: Trigraph, Gh, Fast food Pages: 7 (1865 words) Published: August 19, 2013
Use this cheat sheet to recognize things to avoid when writing formal documents.

|Avoid |Replace with | |The ampersand symbol: & |The word “and” | |Yeah |Yes | |Slang words and colloquialisms, such as “cool” and “dude” (see additional |More formal language | |colloquialisms cheat sheet below) | | |Contractions, e.g. “can’t,” “don’t,” “won’t,” etc. |The words’ full forms: “cannot” for “can’t,” “do not” for “don’t”| |Personal pronouns: “You should sleep eight hours each night”; “I think |Impersonal pronouns: “One should sleep eight hours each night”; | |Professor James is correct.” |“Professor James is correct.” | |Starting a sentence with coordinating conjunctions (“and,” “so,” “but,” |Compound sentences or transitional adverbs, such as | |“or”) |“additionally,” “therefore,” “alternatively,” and “nevertheless” | |Clichés or overused phrases (“as strong as an ox,” “as pretty as a picture,”|Literal descriptions | |“bought for a song,” etc.) | | |Starting a letter or document by giving commands or telling what the paper |An intro to your topic: “Global warming can now be described as a| |will discuss (“This paper is going to talk about global warming.”) |21st century problem.” | |Vague words, such as “a few,” “enough,” or “a little” |More specific descriptions. How many is a few, or how much is | | |enough? |

|Colloquial Word/Phrase |More Formal Alternative | |Anybody |Anyone | |Because |As | |Big |Large or great | |Fellow |Person | |For sure |With certainty | |Get |Receive; understand (depending on usage) | |Got |Have | |Introduce |Present | |Kind of/sort of |Type of | |Let |Allow, permit...
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