Cognitive Exam Face Recognition

Topics: Face, Faces, Face perception Pages: 4 (1117 words) Published: May 7, 2012

This essay will talk about face recognition and several reasons why it has been studied separately. The ability to recognise faces is of huge significance of people’s daily life and differs in important ways from other forms of object recognition (Bruce and Young, 1986). Than this essay will talk about the processes involved in face recognition which comes from the diversity of research about familiar and unfamiliar faces-it includes behavioural studies, studies on brain-damaged patients, and neuroimaging studies. Finally, it will discuss how face recognition differs from the recognition of other object by involving more holistic or configuration processing and different areas of the brain (Eysenck & Keane, 2005). The most influential theoretical approach to face recognition is the model put forward by Bruce and Young (1986). The model consists of eight components: 1-structual encoding (this produces various representations or descriptions of faces). 2-expresion analysis (other people’s emotional states are inferred from their facial expression). 3-facial speech analysis (speech perception is assisted by observing a speaker’s lip movements). 4-directed visual processing (specific facial information is processed selectively). 5-face recognition nodes (these contain structural information about known faces). 6-person identity nodes (these provide information about individuals e.g., occupation, interest). 7-name generation (a person’s name is stored separately). 8-cognitive system (this contains additional information; it influences which other components receive attention). Bruce and Young model predicts that different components are involved in processing of familiar and unfamiliar faces. The recognition of familiar faces depends mainly on structural encoding, face recognition units, person identity nodes, and name recognition. In contrast, the processing of unfamiliar faces involves structural encoding (same as in the processing of...
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