Coal Blooded

Topics: Coal, Nuclear power, Social status Pages: 2 (515 words) Published: December 7, 2014
Summarize the press release in 150-175 words. Be sure you present the thesis and the major supporting points. In the NAACP press release, “Coal Blooded,” regarding the use of coal burning power plants in the United States focuses on the negative impacts coal burning energy development has on the health, well-being, and socio-economic success of Americans living in communities where these plants exist. The release specifically references the impacts on individuals of color who are a large percentage of the people living in and around towns where coal burning plants operate. It has been noted from the Clean Air Task Force that “coal pollution is estimated to cause 13,200 premature deaths and 9,700 hospitalizations per year across the United States.” From the information gathered in the press release, it is clear that the health and financial success of those who live in these communities is most impacted by the production and subsequent pollution that is a result of using coal fired power plants.

Write a response to the press release in 200-250 words. In your response, you may agree with one or two points, but you must also show how you “resist” the text by questioning it, or arguing with it or refuting it. It may be helpful to think of your response as a reaction to how the writer was trying to influence your thinking. Pay attention to the words used to name and describe, the details included, and any comparisons made. (The letter-to-the-editor format assumes readers have read the article, so you do not need to summarize it in the letter.) Your press release on the use of coal firing plants to produce energy and its effects on the people involved, highlights valid points regarding the detriment that use of these facilities causes to their surrounding communities. I agree that that the risks involved are greater than the rewards and that there are other options for the production of energy in a safe and healthy way. I do not agree that the affluence of...
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