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Topics: Nonverbal communication, Communication, The Residents Pages: 5 (698 words) Published: September 24, 2011
Module 1:

1. List six or more basic requirements for Nursing Assistant Certification.

* residents rights
* observation skills
* death and dying
* restorative care
* long-term care
* infection control
* interpersonal skills

2. Describe the role of a Nursing Assistant.

Under the supervision of a licensed nurse a Nursing Assistant role is to contribute
To the health, safety and security of the residents by promoting health, preventing
Harm and controlling infection.

3. How does the NA contribute to the residents health, safety, and security?

By maintaining a clean and safe environment, showing respect for each resident,
Being a good listener, and providing comfort and understanding.

4.What is the role of the care team?
The care team looks after the well being of each resident.

5.Identify three or more areas that contribute to total care.

* balanced diet
* rest and comfort
* exercise
* proper medical attention

6. Choose one area of professionalism and describe why its important to you.

I choose dedication and loyalty because I feel that being a NA is not a very easy
Job but if you stick with and do not give up the job always has its rewards.

7. Why is confidentiality important?

It is important because it is not not appropriate to discuss a residents status
Because it is not known how the information will be used.

8.Identify four or more unacceptable behaviors.

* neglecting your duties
* lying or deceiving
* using verbal or physical abuse
* disobeying an order from a supervisor

Module 2:

1. Identify six or more resident rights

*establishing visiting hours
* the right to refuse medication and treatment
* access to private use of telephone
* considerate and respectful care
* information about services and charges
* complete information about health status and treatment

2.Why is it important to understand an individual’s beliefs and preferences?

It is important because everyone has the right to quality of life, regardless of age, gender, physical or mental ability. Race culture, religion beliefs or lifestyle.

3.Identify five or more ways you can support and individuals beliefs
*Make sure your speech and actions do not offend anyone
* be sensitive to each person’s needs
* never try to force your beliefs on anyone
*show interest in each person’s belief
* never question or make fun of another’s belief

4.What should you do if a resident complains about the facility.
You should tell the supervisor and make a detailed report

5. Give five or more. examples of abuse.
*burns, bruises, and lacerations
* difficulty walking or sitting
* withdrawn, confused or depressed
* agitation, anxiety, fear, anger
* torn, stained, or bloody underclothing

6. Explain legal responsibilities related to resident care.
Nursing Assistants have a legal obligation to uphold resident’s right to protect them from physical and mental harm.

7. What is false documentation?
It is entries in a person’s record that are not true or have been altered.

8.Describe three or more examples of neglect.
*poor hygiene, body odor
* change in appetite, weight
* dehydration, malnutrition, impaction

Module 3:

1.Why is it important for the NA to understand basic needs?
Because everyone has needs and when they are not met, people are affected physically, mentally, and socially.

2.Identify three or more basic needs.
* safety and security
* Belonging

3.Identify five or more ways you can build positive relationships with residents.
*get off to a good start
*provide a safe and comfortable environment
* offer choices
* introduce yourself
*take time to listen

4.Why should you knock before entering a resident’s room?
Because the room is the residents living quarters, so provide the privacy and courtesy you would show people in their own home

5. Explain some underlying...
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