Closed Doors

Topics: Alexander Graham Bell, Helen Keller, Bob Marley Pages: 2 (642 words) Published: May 5, 2006
Closed Doors

Right after Ann and her family get into the Secret Annex the people who where hiding then brought some more of there stuff over. Ann was handed a box that had all her pictures of movie stars and a dairy as a gift. After she had thanked her father, she ran to the door of the Secret Annex concealed on the other side by a book case. When she was almost to the door her father grabbed her by the arm and said, "Ann no matter what you must never go through that door" When she asked why her father replied, "We cannot risk being seen, no matter what happens."

The door to the Secret Annex was not the only door that was closed to Ann that day. She wasn't able to see her friends. She could not go to school and get a formal education; however, Mrs. Van Daan did teach her, her sister, and Peter. The door of her freedom and privacy was also closed as well. When she moved in to the Secret Annex with seven other people besides herself she no longer had any privacy. When she moved into the Secret Annex everything changed for Ann. She was secluded from the outside world. She didn't get to do all the things that normal teenagers do. She was left out of her adolescence.

Even though we all have closed doors in our life, there is a saying that goes when life closes one door it opens another. Even though Ann thought she had nothing good left in her life she really did. In the Secret Annex Ann got to get to know Peter well, and she formed a relationship with him. Her dairy also showed people what it was like to live in the Secret Annex. So maybe we should take a look at our own lives and realize we do not have it all that bad. Maybe there are good things happening all around us that we do not even realize. Maybe we have more opportunities than we know.

It is like when my horse Cody went lame and I couldn't ride anymore; however, we got to get my new horse Zippy. When Cody got hurt I was like the end of the world for me, but then we got to get Zippy who I love...
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