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Topics: Patient, Greg Howe, Radiography Pages: 2 (859 words) Published: December 7, 2013
I had always been intimidated by the discipline of Oral Surgery. It is probably because of the high standards that are expected of me, which is obviously understandable. Or perhaps it is because of my little understanding about subject when there are still a lot to learn about. Comparing to my first extraction procedure, the one that I had done today with Dr. R was a very positive experience, and it had helped me gained more confidence with doing extractions.

My first extraction at the beginning of this semester was a total mess; even though I had spent some time the night before to go over the materials that I had learned from previous semesters to familiarize myself with extraction procedure. I reviewed the anatomical landmarks for injections, the forceps and the required armamentariums for extractions. All those things seemed to be disappeared from my mind on the day of the procedure. My presentation to Dr. L was abysmal. I did not present my patient’s medical and dental findings clearly and confidently. Anyway, I did manage to survive that day. Realizing the problems at hand, I had consulted with Dr. Lawoyin for advice on how to correct the problems, and I had made every effort to address my problem head on from the beginning. I was struck with a great opportunity when one of my patients was planned for a multiple extractions of teeth numbers: 21, 22, 23, 26, 27, and residual roots of 28, and 29. To prepare for the procedure, I had used every opportunity during my independent clinic time to volunteering in OS clinic. At first couple times, I quietly observed the procedures, I checked out the forceps that was called for each extracted tooth and asked the D4s why they had chosen the particular forceps. One day, I spent a whole independent clinic time to review for all the forceps and instruments that are available in the OS clinic. I had also kept journals in my electronic notebook. I wrote down what I had learned for each day, things that I...
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