Climate Dynamics: All About the Cryosphere

Topics: Antarctica, Ice, Arctic Ocean Pages: 3 (1069 words) Published: January 22, 2013
The cryosphere is a term which describes a place of the Earth’s surface where water is in solid form, include snow, ice, glaciers, ice shelves, ice caps… The cryosphere is a part of global climate system. Now, we are facing with this big problem, the global warming is a one of the most important, but it also cause this problem, the melting ice. The whole amounts of ice are melting and shrink slowly by the time, the main reason is temperature rising. The cryosphere is also melting beneath the ground, transforming to tundra landscapes (Eyewitness). The cold regions of our planet influence our entire world’s climate. Plus, the cryosphere is central to the daily lives of the people, plants and animals that have made it their home (All about the cryosphere). The Cryosphere, it means the places where water in the form of solid, where low temperatures and people most think it as being at the top and bottom of our planet, in the polar regions. We call that the North Pole “The Arctic”, the South Pole “The Antarctic”, but snow and ice are also found at many other locations on Earth (All about the cryosphere). The Arctic consist of ocean surrounded by continental land and masses and islands, the central of Arctic Ocean is covered by snow and ice on land most of the years (NSIDC). The sea ice mostly grows in the winter and melting and shrinking in the summer. In the Arctic Ocean, the frozen ground and the border of Arctic Ocean covered by a thick sheet of snow and also the nearby land Greenland (All about the cryosphere). Antarctica, at the South Pole, is a huge continent covered with ice. Antarctica is covered by a huge ice sheet up to 4.5 sp. Km thick and has an area of 14 sq. km. The average thickness of the Antarctica is about 4.887m and the lowest point at the border of Antarctica is about 2,540 m thickness (CIA). But the ice also melted since 1951 because the current temperature in Antarctica gained up to 3 degrees (CIA). The cryosphere also exists in many places all...
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