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Classical Myth in the Wheel of Time

By gostdreamer Apr 18, 2013 269 Words
In the book series the Wheel of Time: The eye of the world by robert jordan the girls of the main village have a ritual. When they are old |enough to marry and have children, but are not yet married, their cut their hair. This is described to happen during bel tine (a fall festivle) SUMMARY of the myth you are referencing

Hippolytus refuses to pay homage to Aphrodite, so Aphrodite makes his mother fall in love with him. Because of this, she kills herself. Her father gets upset, and puts a curse on Hippolytus which causes him to die. Artemis (who Hippolytus faithfully followed) vowed that young girls, before their marriage, would cut off their hair in dedication to Hippolytus

DESCRIPTION (how does the example you selected relate to or express the original myth) In the myth, Artemis declares that Hippolytus' death was not in vain. She would get revenge on Aphrodite, and would also bestow the greatest of honors to Hippolytus. She then states that unmarried girls, before their marriage, will cut off their hair in dedication to Hippolytus since he is the one who will “reap the rich harvest of their mourning and tears through the span of the ages”.

In the wheel of time book, all young girls when they become of age must cut their hair. This happens when they are celebrating the fall festival of bel tine, which I find interesting. In the myth, Artemis says that Hippolytus will “reap the rich harvest”, and the festival where the girls cut their hair is also a fall festival done right after harvest time.

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