Clara Barton

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Clara Barton

Clara Barton was a true pioneer and humanitarian. She is a well known woman in American history due to her participation in the Civil War and her founding of the American Red Cross. She became a teacher at a time where most teacher's were men. She was one of the first woman to ever be hired by the Federal government and was an inspiration for all women during her lifetime and forever after


Clara Barton loved nature through her natural ability to nurture. As a very caring and giving women she looked to helping anyone and everyone around her. “ The conflict is one thing I've been waiting for. I'm well and strong and young..... young enough to go to the front. If I cannot be a soldier, I'll help the soldiers”.... ( This quote gives a better understanding on Miss Barton's views of the world around her. She cared for these men that fought so valiantly and brave. She wanted to do anything she could to help. Clara began her civil war service by providing supplies to the troops. Showing her natural ability to nurture, she personally cared for the troops who needed nursing services. Her views on nature were to save as many lives as possible. Without sustained life, we would not have any nature to appreciate. She made sure that would continue with her self sacrificing decision to help wounded soldiers on the battlefield. This can also be seen with her founding of the American Red Cross.


“Your belief that I am a Universalist is as correct as your greater belief that you are one yourself, a belief in which all who are privileged to possess it rejoice”....... (

A quote from Ms. Barton in a letter to her friend in 1905 about her beliefs throughout her life.

Her parents raised her to believe in Universalism. As a child she attended the Universalist Church in Oxford, Massachusetts. Always keeping faith with her church she wrote “ In this church I was reared. In all its reconstructions and re modelings I have taken a part, and I look anxiously for a time in the near future when the busy world will let me once more become a living part of its people, praising God for the advance in the liberal faith of the religions of the world today, so largely due to the teachings of this belief”..... (

As a universalist, Miss Barton believed in a universal salvation who welcome all and respect individual beliefs.


Considering that Clara was a Universalist by religion, It is only fitting that her thoughts on life are opened by the possibilities of the Universe itself. Universalism believes that personal experience, conscience and reason should be the final authorities in religion.... thus leaving a persons relationship between themselves and their surroundings an open book. This unique point of view about life allowed her to follow what was in her heart and mind. Believing in the search for the truth, there were no ties to one specific point of view but instead an open state of mind that allowed her to focus on the things that she cared about, helping those in need and being there for everyone who needed her.


Miss Barton's time while she was alive was well spent. From teaching at the age of 16 to becoming a civil war nurse at the age of 40, her time was always filled with something for to do. Even as a child she had a need to be needed. If she was not busy, she would become depressed. Thus, she tended to and did whatever she could to stay busy and keep her mind from falling into the darkness of depression. As a teacher she was able to mold young minds and keep herself busy, yet it was not until the civil war that she was able to put her time and nursing services to use. A time line from 1861-1865 allows us to see how she was able to provide relief to the many wounded in the civil war. April...
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