Civil Peace Dbq

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Civil Peace DBQ
In Germany, in 1914, a civil peace was declared at the time of the proclamation of war. This meant that all previous inner and exterior conflicts would be put to the side until after the war. At the same time that this was declared, the troops were being mobilized to fight. German citizens’ opinions changed from being excited during the proclamation of war to ignoring the main effects and law of civil peace during the war, and then to being upset and frustrated after the war. I think it is important to notice how this behavior changes from the start to the end of the war.

During the start of the war in August of 1914, people were excited to begin war because they had a nationalistic perspective and were confident that they would win. A speech from the German emperor, Wilhelm II, says that he “appreciates the German faith” and “wants Germans to work together to achieve victory.” He wants to appeal to his people and prevent any chaos from happening. (Doc 1) Also, a democratic, German news service shows a picture of factory workers and owners raising their hats to salute the proclamation of war. It shows their confidence in winning the war. (Doc 2) In the same time that was occurring, another democratic newspaper released news that the parliament had voted to approve war funding and that democratic strength would come after the war. They think going to war is a necessity to save Germany and that it will bring a strong political party. (Doc 3) A women’s right activist, Helen Simon, speaks about how the war will benefit women and bring them new opportunities. She says how it is beneficial to women to be able to fight alongside men, work on land and fill in for them. She thinks the war will bring economic and moral victory for Germany and their women. (Doc 4)

Once the war had started and people had begun to see the effects of being in total war, the opinions of the citizens changed. They weren’t as confident in winning as in the beginning and...
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