Citizen Journal Piece The Fight For You

Topics: United States, Boston Tea Party, Protest Pages: 3 (834 words) Published: December 4, 2014
The Fight For Your Right
By Rebecca Vincent Wednesday, Nov. 26, 2014

In 1776 The Unites States of America was born. In 1862, African Americans were set free from slavery. In 1920, woman received the right to vote. In 1968, men and woman of all colors and races won the battle against segregation. These monumental changes in the way our country worked, did not happen overnight. In many cases people put their life on the line for the freedom we have today, citizens spoke out, and took the responsibility of creating change. It hasn’t always been easy, and it hasn’t always been done right. But the American people won’t stop until they are completely satisfied until they’re rights are defined the way they want them to be by the American government. By looking at these events, they all have something in common. Throughout all of these fights for rights, there was protest. Some peaceful, some not, but the people in support spoke out and made a statement. How does protest affect us in our daily lives? It is constantly around us, it is simply challenging the status quote and speaking out. Protest isn’t always throwing tea off ships, or marches, it can be stepping up and asking for what you think is right. In today’s society protest has turned into violence in many cases, for example the violent protest in Ferguson, Missouri. Violent protests don’t always get the point across, they tend to blur issues even more. Looking back through American history, there has been five major protests. Starting in 1773 with the Boston Tea Party. The American colonist has a large absence in representation in the British Parliament. So in turn they spoke out against the Tea Act, which allowed the East India Company to sell tea at reduced cost. The company was owned by the British giving them chance for an effective monopoly. The colonist statically stormed the ship as they pulled into the harbor, and threw over 40 pounds of tea over board. The next protest was in...
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