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Question 1
If I read a book or a journal article by one author (Author 1) and he mentions an idea by another author (Author 2), whose idea do I refer to? How do I reference that?
You must mention both authors (Author 1 and Author 2) in your in-text citations; and in your reference list, you only need to list the item you have read, that is Author 1.
For example, if you read about an idea by Lim (Author 2) in a book by
Saunders (Author 1), you need to mention both the authors in your in-text citations. Your in-text citations would appear as:
Lim (Saunders, 2003, p.71) states that … or
Lim’s study (cited in Saunders, 2003, p.71) indicates that … or
Saunders (2003, p.71), in reporting Lim’s study, emphasized the aspect …
In the reference list, you list only Saunders‟ (the source you read) and not
Lim‟s (whose idea you only read about in Saunders‟).

Question 2
How do I cite the authors¡¯ names if they have the same family name in the reference list? How do I show in my in-text reference which idea belongs to which author?
You distinguish between the two authors in your assignment by adding their initials to the in-text reference (which usually only has the family name and date).
For example:
The theory was first suggested in 1970 (Johnson, H. T., 1971) but since then, many researchers, including Johnson, D. E. (2001), have rejected the idea.
Question 3
How do I cite an author who has written more than one work in the same year? How do I show which idea comes from which reference?
You put a lower case letter of the alphabet next to the year or date and keep these letters in your reference list as well.
TAR College Harvard Referencing System 16
For example:
In a recent publication, Bart (2004b) argued that mission statements of most organization are underutilised and most organization had jumped on the bandwagon of creating mission statements without knowing the true purpose of the statement (Bart, 2004a).
The order of sequence in

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