Cisco Systems Case Analysis

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Cisco Systems: Launching the ASR 1000 Series Router Using Social Media Marketing Overview:
Launching the ASR 1000 Series Router Using Social Media Marketing case concentrates on Cisco Systems innovative explore and-learn the way of utilizing social media to launch its ASR 1000 Series Edge Router. The organization had chosen to eschew customary print and television media in marketing the new product and had chosen rather to center its endeavors totally on digital Marketing and social media to entice the consideration of its target market. The case talks about Cisco's striking arrangement to launch the ASR 1000 Series "virtually, visually, and virally" and the advanced strategies utilized by the Cisco Systems marketing group to finish this goal-oriented objective. Business marketers regularly embrace a more conventional way to market their products. However, for this situation Cisco chose to avoid that pattern by probing into digital marketing tools and social media/gaming arenas of its target customer - the specialized group of technology community. Value Proposition

The core value proposition that ASR 1000 series is based on: 1. Lower cost (it costs less than half the price of competitive solutions). 2. Space Savings.
3. Reduce Carbon foot print.
4. Maintain industry-leading performance and reliability.

Objectives of the Launch
The objectives of the launch are to:
1. Increase awareness and interest in the Cisco’s ASR 1000 Series between both businesses chiefs (BDMs) and Technology leaders. 2. Create a "cool factor" – demonstrate the "fun" and human side of Cisco Systems. 3. Deliver an online-only launch that would build and sustain over time. 4. Increase Cisco's "Share the voice online.”

Purposes behind selecting Digital Marketing and Social Media The reasons behind going to the niche digital marketing media are: 1. Video sharing website, YouTube represented very nearly 10 % of all Internet traffic. 2. Five of the main ten sites were interpersonal organizations. 3. More than 100 million blogs were in presence.

4. 120,000 new online blogs were being launched consistently. 5. From one-way communication to a two-way interactive dialogue and continuous timing. 6. From synthetic (marketer-generated) content to organic (customer-generated) content. Utilizing Social Media

Cisco group created an innovative arrangement to launch the ASR 1000 series “virtually, visually, and virally,” leveraging the new capacities of Web 2.0 advancements and online Social media Network. In March 2008, Cisco launched the ASR 1000 Router Series. The item was launched totally by social media.

Digital tactics launch plans for ASR 1000 series:
Social Media networking is about building an experience. Cisco examined the strategies of the ASR 1000 launch, below are steps taken by Cisco to achieve its objectives. The launch campaign steps include: 1. Microsite for uber featuring teaser videos that did not reveal the new product, but hinted that the network would get “better for everyone“ 2. Video posted on YouTube, Yahoo's video, Google Video and Veoh - 2000 views on YouTube by January 2009. 3. Facebook book attached 546 users when they went live on February 27, 2008. 4. Edge quest 3-D online game to attract online professional 40,000 people participated in the game. 5. Second life presents a 3-D virtual world where users could socialize, connect and create using voice and text chat. 6. Interactive web tools such as total cost of ownership calculator and environment calculators. 7. Cisco blogs and forums encourage live pick-up of the messages and to communicate with the prospective customers. 8. Follow-the-sun Online Launch event, “Walk the talk," reached more than 100 countries. Issues and Challenges

Cisco's difficulties lay in whether this new approach and resultant value proposition would resound with its specialized technical crowd and give the ASR 1000 router the sort of attention it expected to...

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