Cisco Case Study

Topics: Management, Supply chain, Supply chain management Pages: 2 (565 words) Published: April 26, 2015
Part A
Executive Summary (one Page)
Part B+ Part C + Part D= Max 8 pages
Part B (imp)

Q. Cisco is committing to produce Viking at a single source Foxconn. Moreover, the Viking production mostly takes place within two-hour driving distance of the Hong Kong fulfillment center. “Cisco ran the risk of being overly dependent on a single supplier and whatever financial and operational constraints it had”. What are the potential risk factors in and around Hong Kong? Some risk factors are natural disasters (flood,tornado, earthquake), medical emergencies (bird flu or similar outbreaks that halt trade), accidents (fires), sabotage, political unrest. Can you add to this list? Discuss which of these adverse events are more likely. Suppose that a severe typhoon damages the infrastructure (power lines and bridges) in Hong Kong and Guang Zhou, and makes it useless for three months. What actions can Cisco take to satisfy customer needs for routers? Organize your thoughts/discussion/proposed plan in 2-3 items so that it can be briefly presented to executives in an executive summary.


Part C(Imp)

1. What are the challenges and risks faced by technology companies in new product introduction? Answer

2. What were the risks and benefits of using Chinese contract manufacturing from the start? Answer

3. In selecting Foxconn and expanding its role in the supply chain, what were the potential risks and values to Cisco? Answer

4. What should Cisco do to mitigate these risks and ensure successful development and launch of the Viking router? Answer

Part D
Summary, a significant new information about the case and below question 1. Make a list of types of Cisco product families. For example, router is a product family and ASR 9000 is a product in that family. What is the difference between a router and a switch? Answer

2. What do overlapping circles refer to in Cisco’s organization? What is the purpose of organizing in such away? Answer

3. Cisco...
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