Topics: Cisco Systems, Flip Video, Camcorder Pages: 3 (1013 words) Published: April 12, 2013
Observations on Cisco’s acquisition spree covered in the case study and up December 2012

In my opinion Cisco’s acquisition spree didn’t show any signs of stopping, Cisco being a Networking and infrastructure giant. This spree was started back in 1993 with the takeover of crescendo communications for around the mark of 95 million. And later on in 1994 it also took new port systems solutions for 93 million in stock. The two different acquisitions helped to expand the product portfolio to areas like local area networking switching, VoIP, home networks, and so on. Many of the different companies went on to become great and prosper like Linksys and also WebEx went on to garner revenues of a good bit over the 1 billion mark in us dollars. The reason this was possible was mainly because all the companies were run individually as separate entities by their existing management even after they had been acquired. The deal for cognitive is only latest in the speedily increasing of number of acquisitions of mostly off-shore companies that Cisco is using to gather up not just network capabilities but in the form of could, video and virtualisation. It seems to me that Cisco is increasingly added to its expanding portfolio, it sheds companies that don’t belong into its long range strategy. Most recently Cisco announced that it was selling Linksys over to balking this being a move to exit what they call the consumer technology space. In the years pervious Cisco shuttered its ump home telepresence businesses and also its flip video camera. I believe Cisco to be very intelligent in the ways that they carry out their business; Chambers said that the future of the web was in video and tolls that helped provide collaboration, which helped in spreading media through social networking a lot further. He wanted Cisco to have major uphold in this area, and this is the reason why they entered into video technology and home entertainment field. Back in 2009 they acquired a video...
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