Cirque Du Soleil

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Cirque du Soleil
Q1. How would you assess the attractiveness of the circus industry in early 1980s? What would you conclude from industry analysis? The Circus has been an extremely popular form of entertainment during the 20th century. The circus creates an image of drifters and dreamers in the mind. In the 20th century the emphasis on spectacle continued on 3 ring formats. The following factors played a major role in the attractiveness of the circus industry:- * Animal acts provided an added form of entertainment along with the various circus acts. Electric lights and moving pictures also added to the magic of the circus. * A series of ‘educational entertainments’ featuring people and historical montages from around the world. * The expansion of railways made it easier for the group to tour the country. This also reduced the travel time considerably. * Construction of arenas also facilitated to put on shows in a easier manner i.e. Larger seating population, shows during any season etc. * The animals which were part of show were also made to march from the railway station to the performance site. Industry Analysis:

Most touring companies were regional companies were privately owned and range in size from 15 to 80 performers. Most of the appreciative audiences were from small cities and towns. Q2. What were the factors the traditional circus competed on? What would you like or dislike about traditional circus. Factors which traditional circus competed on:

* The 3 ring format had enormous importance in circus industry. * The skills and artistry of a performer, the major 3 ring circuses continued to pursue the biggest name acts. * The traditional circuses competed on communicating the quality of their acts through media. * Maintaining the excitation around the circus.

* Core workforce
* Marketing the circus into towns
* Performers themselves were significant components of the industry.

Likings about the traditional circus:
* Concessions provided to kids and other age groups.
* Hawkers weaving through the aisles to the seated audiences selling drinks, cotton candies and other foods. Disliking about the traditional circus:
* Materials of time and the requirements of mobile circus limited the size of arena. * Majority of Circus acts in America were on permanent tour Q3. How Circque du soleil created superior profits using Blue Ocean Strategy (Detailed account is required). In 1980s, the attractiveness of the circus industry was on a decline .Guy Laliberte, CEO of Cirque du Soleil, set out to reinvent the circus industry. Cirque du Soleil was created in 1984 by a group of young street performers. He had a totally a new concept by mixing circus arts and street entertainment .This was part of a movement which was popularly called “New American Circus”. Cirque du Soleil represents a true mixture of performing arts which is not quite a circus, nor is it quite opera or theatre, but it combines elements from them all. This created anew market space and new segment of customers. Cirque Du Soleil using the blue ocean strategy, changed the following below factors which affected the circus industry: 1. Created factor-Theme based experience was provided in Cirque du Soleil rather than series of acts in competitors. Theme brings harmony and intellectual component without imposing limits on its potential for acts. This resulted in a seamless entertainment experience for the audience. 2. Raised factor-Unlike the traditional circus, the company had multiple productions; shows had distinctive themes allowing the customer to see Le Cirque several times. 3. Raised factor-The Company always showed innovation in their acts guaranteeing audience a high quality and exotic experience. 4. Eliminated factor-Traditional circus companies were performing shows on stage with a ring that was not valued by the customers but the cirque du Soleil eliminated the need of rings in...
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