Topics: Christianity, Religion, Freedom of religion Pages: 2 (575 words) Published: April 5, 2013
Ian Maynes
Professor D'Amario
History 101
13 February 2013

The Ideal Christian Community

Religion is such a controversial, intense, and spiritual subject and it is absolutely amazing how different the beliefs in just one single religion can be. John Winthrop, a Puritan Lawyer and one of the leaders of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, believes that religion should be forced by law. The English Protestant theologian Roger Williams believes the exact opposite which is obvious since he was one of the first people to rebel and try to separate the church and the state. John Winthrop and Roger Williams strongly disagree on whether a unified or individual religious community is the ideal religious community. John Winthrop has many passionate beliefs about Christianity and religion as a whole. His main goal was to expand the old Church of England, and purify Christian behavior. It was crucial to support these ideas, and they should be enforced by the law. He has very strict beliefs about religion and he believes that everyone should share the same one. He declares if we mess up or disagree, the Lord should not bear us because we must be married to him and obey him. The lord makes holy of his people, only god will punish people, when he gives orders he wants them strictly done. Winthrop believes the Lord has no tolerance for anything but Christianity. He is extremely close minded when it comes to other religions besides his own. John and other Puritans feel that “weeds” (religions with minor differences) are preposterous. John is a strong believer in public duty over private duty. He is a very close minded religious icon who believes that if someone isn’t walking with his Lord, they aren’t walking at all. Roger Williams is almost the exact opposite of John Winthrop. He strives against religious persecution and he has goals to separate the government from the church. His strongly believes in the Freedom of Religion. He believes forcing Christianity...
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