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Topics: Soul, Christianity, Afterlife Pages: 3 (963 words) Published: May 11, 2013
Life after Death; Christian view
Human kind has all along longed to understand what lies ahead of death. While many shun the subject, Christians must sooner or later address the question. There are many contending answers to this inquiry. Most worldviews must acknowledge their belief in the afterlife on untried faith, but the Christian hope is sure on two grounds; the resurrection of Christ and the proof of God's Word. The Bible provides the true sight of what happens after passing away. However, many believers have a misapprehension of the afterlife. Christians can be guaranteed that death is not something to be afraid of. Instead, at demise we arrive home in paradise. To be in this world means we exist in a foreign kingdom. The sting of death has vanished and now is a triumph through the restoration of Christ (Peters 70). Life after the final breath

First the immaterial soul and spirit is alienated from the physical body. Second, believers immediately receive the verdict that will determine their eternal fate. Those who have trusted in Christ's compensation on the cross for their sins will go into everlasting life in the company of God. Second, the spirit in heaven is made ideal in illness and our old sin nature is stamped out. The spirits of the saints are in heaven and they have been made perfect. The struggle with sin that Paul described and all Christians’ battle comes to a stop forever when we, after death, enter our glorified state. Those who decline this gift will obtain what they have preferred, eternity estranged from God in anguish. There is no subsequent chance and there is no phase of reincarnation. Our eternal destiny is determined by the decision we make for Christ here on earth (Marchant 52). The heaven environment

Upon physical death, the soul is separated from the body and enters immediately into the presence of the Lord. The soul in heaven is made perfect in holiness and our old sin nature is eradicated. The spirits of...

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