Choosing the Sex of Your Baby

Topics: Ethics, Philosophy of life, Business ethics Pages: 2 (399 words) Published: December 12, 2010
Choosing the Sex of Your Baby
As I read the title, “Choosing the Sex of Your Baby”, several issues popped into my head. The one most important to me was that of ethics. Is being able to guarantee the outcome of your child’s sex the way that life is intended to be? Is it right to have the choice of choosing the sex of your unborn child and altering the balance between men and women in the world? These are questions that popped into my head as I thought more about what the title of this article could pertain to.

Prior to reading this text, I jotted down a few points that the article could possibly talk about. I looked up a few articles online related to this topic and made a few changes to my points in accordance to the relevance between most of the articles I read.

My initial reaction to this article was that I was partly correct in that the article talked about ethics as I had presumed it may. I was surprised at the fact that I agreed with some individuals who say it is permissible for parents to choose to have a specific gender baby if they already have a child of a certain sex. The main idea I learned from this text is that although many individuals may not agree with the ethical issues that pertain to choosing the sex of your baby, it is something that is offered those who desire to go through with it.

What surprised me most about this article was the fact that it bought up an argument about what may possibly come of “Choosing the Sex of Your Baby.” It may lead to genetically altering what your child’s ‘eye color or intelligence or other characteristics that are currently left to chance’. I would have to say that this article is similar to many other articles I read on this topic. A question that still seems to be unanswerable to me is: is it right to be able to choose the sex of your child and alter the balance of life?

This topic is very controversial and may be argued back and forth without any one side coming out on top. However, it is...
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