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Part 1
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How Flower-and-Bird painting becomes a significant category in Chinese Painting &
Today Flower-and-Bird paintings

Part 2
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The expression and poetic meaning within the flower and bird painting is such a good value to today’s busy city. While we are lack of having the time with nature that far different from the ancient Chinese life, so, here design a hotel concept based on flower and bird paintings as the theme of a whole, named in Nest Hotel.

Design a series of modern flower and bird paintings as posters divided into 6 main categories of bird and color identity with specific hotel branding.

Part 1 | Essay

Within the course of Chinese painting, there are main three subjects that have been landscapes, flowers-and-birds and figures. Here going to talk about how flower and bird painting develop to the signify subject in Chinese painting, the view of its influence and social status within the whole Chinese history and finally will be about flower and bird painting in today.

As Flowers-and-birds were popular categories in paintings in ancient China even until today’s contemporary art, where it is offering kind of unique aesthetic interest. The name of flowers-and-birds overs ‘flowers, birds, fish and insects’ (花鳥魚蟲 ; huā, niǎo, yú, chóng), with its board term used in a wide range of natural topics which actually including flowers, bamboo, trees(plant), fruit, animal, insects, fish, pets and etc.

Before being an independent school of paintings, flower-and-birds is developed rather late than others subjects paintings (figure and landscapes), which originated in Tang Dynasty and raised its maturity at the end of the Tang and Five Dynasties period. The flow of such genre painting initially regarding as ornamental pattern for daily objects, then become symbolic, metaphoric and allegorical elements in the background of figure or landscape paintings and finally establish as a independent genre art that flower and bird painting as separated unique theme within main Chinese painting subjects.

To discuss about how birds-and-flower painting becomes a signify category in Chinese Painting, lets analysis its growth within Chinese paintings. From traditional Chinese paintings turns to the date of the Neolithic age which around six thousands years ago, the elements of human face expression, deer, frog and fish indicates that Chinese start the painting as far as the Neolithic age. Under the change of time and social conditions from primitive to modern times can reveal the importance of painting and history in between.

The habitations, nature and habits of the human being in the ancient China gives birth to people to think and live and sharpen the Chinese painters and in turn to promote the development into art. Living with full of animals in the environment of nature, people start to have production with animals and the plants such as hunting, grazing animals, agriculture and etc. What’s more, people also create the spirit to worship the nature because they start to have religion and faith with the nature and living objects likes the animals of four great Quarters (Sishen, qinglong, zhuque, xuanwu), myths and legend with gaining more fortune to their life. The strong visual impact emphasize the red cliff paintings which contain scenes of sacrificial rites, production activities, wars, hunting, animal grazing, dancing and daily life recorded on the rock and wall as a beginning development towards flower and bird painting later.

At first, the cliff and rock painting before paper was invented, the art of silk painting was developing from the Buddhism to China from India, the carvings and temple produced to ensure the art of painting religious murals gained the possibility of paintings. Flowers and birds in colors and pattern serve as a decoration character on early objects could be seen first in Warring States (7th-4th centuries...
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