Chinese Moon Festival

Topics: Mid-Autumn Festival, Han Chinese, Family Pages: 2 (865 words) Published: May 5, 2013
Name: Shirley Liu
English Period 5
Date: 9/6/2010
Assignment: Ms.Tacke

Chinese Moon Festival
Oh my gosh! The Chinese Moon Festival is coming up and I totally cannot wait! Just think of the moon cakes, chestnuts, sweet potatoes, rice balls and the big feast (with lobster, shrimp and ect.) when our relatives come over makes me drool. Oh, and walking with the toy lanterns at night (I guess I’m too old for that) I’m sorry, and I think I’m just too excited because the Chinese Moon Festival is my 2nd favorite holiday in Chinese custom and it’s coming up on September 22nd (this year)! It’s just 2 more weeks! In order to celebrate and have the spirit of the Moon Festival, you’ll need to know the story behind it. There are lots of legends about it, but the one that my grandma tells me and my siblings each year has happened in Chinese history. Ok, so long, long ago when the Chinese was in war with the Mongols for rebellion, the Chinese was banned to have to discuss things together. This made it almost impossible to make plans and overthrow the Mongols. Knowing that the Mongols eat anything but moon cakes, this person called Zhu Luanzhang had an idea. He timed the plot to overthrow the Mongols. Then he asked permission to give out thousands of moon cakes to the Chinese residents of the city to bless the Mongol king with longevity. However inside the moon cake had a paper that read:”kill the Mongols on the 15th day of the 8th month.” So that night on the Moon Festival the Chinese successfully attacked and overthrow the Mongols. And this is why we celebrate the Moon Festival and eat moon cakes. Now that you know the story it’s time to learn how my family and I celebrate the Moon Festival. Every year BEFORE the Moon Festival we would have to visit our relatives and people that close to us with a box of moon cakes or money enough to buy a box of moon cakes if you forgot to get one. This shows that you respect them and bless them (expesscially to the...
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