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Children Diet Plan

By madhumati Dec 26, 2010 430 Words

Child and Mother
From the birth of a baby to one year of age, the baby feeds on the mother’s breast milk. From the second year, the mother starts worrying about the diet of her child. Children become very choosy regarding their diet. The demand of mother and her child differs a lot. What mother serves to her child is sometimes not accepted by her child. So every mother has a common complain that her child is not eating well even though the child, on his part, is taking his daily diet properly. But it is the mother’s love which complains of. Providing same food everyday makes child to feel bore.

Child and His Daily Requirements
The dietary requirements of each child differ from each other. Even the dietary requirements of the same child differ at their different ages. Child always goes towards those things which attract him. Similarly happens with the food. The food which looks attractive and the food which smells good, child will wish to have it even though it does not contain any nutrients. This is the reason why children like food available in hotels or the fast food in the restaurants. Children are very small to understand the importance of nutrients and the side effects of eating outside junk food. They only get attracted to the look and the smell of the food available in outside.

Child and Diet Plan
To achieve our goal we must plan it first. Here our goal is our child’s diet. So to maintain our child healthy, we must plan accordingly at least for a week. Planning a week’s child diet before will help the mother to handle her child’s will. Mother must try to make the food more attractive by giving various colors, shapes or designs with tomato sauces or garnishing the food with the coriander leaves, tomato or cucumber slices. Our main aim is to provide more nutritious diet by making it more attractive by using some nutritious food products only. Plan daily breakfast, lunch, dinner with the snacks in between. Try to give your child what the other family members eat. Do not force child to eat. Even do not bribe him. Punishing child for not to eat well is not the way of treating your child, as this makes the child more stubborn. So serve your child all the nutritious diet in such a way that the child will never refuse to eat it.

Dr. Mrs. Madhumati Ashish Maskar

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