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Childhood Is the Best Time of Ones Life

By msiepiera Feb 25, 2013 376 Words
Childhood is certainly the best time in one’s life. Do you agree? Have you ever thought about the happiest part of your life? Many people will probably agree that childhood is the best time of one's life. But not every childhood is happy. Some children may be born in a poor family or under such circumstances that make their lives bad. In my opinion, childhood is the happiest time of a person's life in most cases. The first reason is when we were kids, we had no responsibility or problem to think about. We had more time to play with toys and friends, we were treated like kings and queens by our parents, and we did not have the complicated and heavy issues. The biggest problem when we were small was what color of crayon to choose for drawing. Childhood is a period which is associated with fun and play. Children tend to enjoy life without thinking about the consequences.  Kids are considered as the most innocent human beings. This is because they are not prone to see the world as the adults do. Secondly, childhood is the best time for us to gain knowledge and understand life. When we were young, of course we were eager to try many things. We tried to ride a bicycle, we tried to catch a grasshopper, and we even played with mud and sand! With this adventure, we start to build interests and it gives us the experience that we cannot replace with anything. However, when A person is born in a patological family, can't go to school, can't learn how to read and write, can't experience new things or can't play with other kids. Or a child has parents who abuse him or her. Such childhood is a nightmare of one's life. Fortunatly, cases like this are not frequent and vast majority of children have a happy childhood.

To sum up,  I do strongly agree that 'Childhood is the happiest time of a person's life'. our expectations for life and other people around us are very simple and would not cause any trouble. The childhood time is the best time in life, the experiences we have been through are irreplaceable and we will cherish in our mind.

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