Childhood and Evidence-based Practice

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Tasks 1.1, 2.1 and 2.2

The scope includes the mothers who are not able to leave the homes and not able to afford the private nursery care or a day nursery. For working mothers who are earning not too much or under normal wedges, they are helped by government in child vouchers forms. Govt. is giving free education (funding for 2 (trial areas), from 3 years old about 15 hours a week term wise or 11 hours a week through out the year. So all the children begin to get primary education from their early years. Government is doing this for the best welfare of the best welfare of the children. There are different types of provisions like day nurseries, childminders, preschools, nursery classes, reception classes, crèches, parent and toddler groups, children’s centres.

There are literally dozens on policies, for health and safety, for curriculum, for equal opportunities and a lot more Framework, might be the Curriculum Framework and curriculum for Excellence The government policies aimed at reducing the child poverty which focus on reducing the number of parents dependent on the benefits and encourage them to seek training and employment. According the population a big number of private nurseries have opened now from 1990’s.

Task 2.3

The concept of evidence-based practice is helping early educators, special educators, early interventionists, child care professionals, mental health professionals, social workers, health-care professionals, and others to transform the services provided to children and families. Evidence-Based Practice in the Early Childhood Field defines the evidence-based practice movement and explains how it is empowering professionals to deliver the most effective interventions. Evidence based practice is influenced by many factors like training in working with children, experience of working with different children, learning from colleagues, reading and view television...
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