Child and Insect

Topics: Emotion, Grasshopper, The Ant and the Grasshopper Pages: 3 (1024 words) Published: February 18, 2012
Child and Insect

Child and Insect by Robert Druce introduces a poem which addresses the relationship between a child and insect after the child has carelessly caused the death of the grasshopper. The actions the grasshopper goes through determine the emotions and reactions of the child. The child is stripped of his innocence as he experiences death for the first time and is mocked by his mother for not understanding his mixed emotions. Throughout the poem the child experiences several emotions which in time will allow him to grow as a person. The confused child goes through several emotions almost instantly and the poet develops this throughout the course of the poem. Through the choice of title, structure, sensory imagery and shifting emotions Druce achieves to properly emphasize the emotions the child is currently experiencing. The analysis begins with the title of the poem and is what allows the reader to decipher the author’s true intent. The title “Child and insect” relates strictly to the relationship of the insect and the child. No external forces seem to affect the child’s troubled state which makes the title appropriate to the overall theme of the poem. The mother has no impact on her son and in line 32 she makes the gesture and “puts an arm around him” to where his son simply “shakes her off” in line 35. The mother shows to have no influence over the child and although at the beginning of the poem he demonstrates excitement to show his mother what he has caught, he quickly becomes consumed and engulfed by rage that he is blinded by his mother’s attempt at being comforted. On line 20 the poet states that the child “will not be comforted” after the discovery of the death of the grasshopper. The title also discusses the child’s reaction to the insect and Druce does this through conveying emotions throughout the poem. The grasshopper is in charge of the shifting emotion throughout the poem and is to blame for the child’s constant shift in feelings....
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