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Experimental Report: Oxidation and Reduction
Factors Affecting Electrochemical Cells

Research Question:
How do the changeable electrodes of different reactivity affect the energy in Volts measured by a Voltmeter while the Solution and the Salt Bridge stay constant for every single trial by the same amount in each beaker?

Background Theory:
The conductance of an electrolyte depends upon the number of ions present in the solution. Therefore, the greater the number of ions in the solution the greater is the conductance. The number of ions produced by an electrolyte depends upon its nature. The strong electrolytes dissociate almost completely into ions in solutions and, therefore, their solutions have high conductance. On the other hand, weak electrolytes dissociate to only small extents and give lesser number of ions. Therefore, the solutions of weak electrolytes have low conductance. Electrolyte is any substance containing free ions that makes the substance electrically conductive. Ionic Solutions are the most common, but molten electrolytes and solid electrolytes are also possible.

As the Electrodes in the constant Sodiumsulfate solution varies after each trial, the electrolyte with the highest difference of reactivity should result the highest Voltage. The understanding behind this theory is the following. The used electrodes are in a specific order of reactivity. Therefore the element on top of the list (potassium) should react most and the element on bottom (copper) least. If both are used together in an electrochemical cell, this should more reactive than other elements (electrodes, such as zinc, calcium, aluminium and…). With a higher reactivity rate, the voltage also increases because of the number of ions released which related to a greater conductance. Apparatus

2 Beakers (50ml)
Salt bridge (0.1 concentration) (KNO3)
Solution  (MgSO4)
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