Chemical Warfare

Topics: Chemical warfare, Nerve agent, Chlorine Pages: 2 (352 words) Published: January 2, 2013
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Topic: Chemical Warfare


1) Chemical weapons are extremely toxic chemicals which differ from explosive weaponry. Middle ages and renaissance are documented to have used poisonous chemicals on individuals. Chemical warfare is use of chemical agents to kill or incapacitate the enemy.

2) Today I will inform you of different chemical agents. Since World War I, several types of agents have been developed into weapons. These chemical weapons include (I) Choking Agents
(II) Blister Agents
(III) Blood Agents
(IV) Nerve Agents
There are several factors for classifying a toxin as a chemical weapon.

​(I) Choking Agents
​ A) Delivered as a gas cloud to the target area
​ B) The inhalation of the vapor affects the immune system causing fluids to build up in the ​ 1) Chlorine Gas
2) Phosgene Gas
C) The effect may be immediate or can take up to 3 hours. A protective gas mask is the best defense.
The most painful agent to the human body might be Blister Agents
(II) Blister Agents
A) Delivered in liquid or vapor form
B) These agents burn the skin, eyes, windpipe and lungs. 1) Sulfur Mustard (Mustard Gas)
2) Lewisite
C) Protection requires gas mask and special over garment However, Blood Agents affects are internal

(III) Blood Agents
A) Delivered in form of vapor
B) When inhaled these agents block red blood cells from taking up oxygen, causing body to asphyxiate.
​1) Hydrogen Cyanide
​2) Cyanogen Chloride
C) Protection requires gas mask
The most lethal of all chemical weapons are nerve agents

(IV) Nerve Agent
) Delivered in vapor and liquid form, affect the nervous system, which leads to respiratory failure and paralysis of muscles. ) Symptoms include intense sweating, dimming of vision,...
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