Chemical Equations and Reactions

Topics: Hydrogen, Redox, Iron Pages: 3 (459 words) Published: June 28, 2013
Sample Paper – 2012
Class – X
Subject –Chemistry
Chemical Equations and reactions

Very Short Answer (1 marks each)

Write the name and formula of compounds forms between
a. Potassium and iodine ion .b.Sodium and sulphide ions . c. Aluminums and chloride ions 2. Why does milk sour when kept for a long time/
3. What happen when hydrogen combine with oxygen in presence of electric current/ 4. Define electrolysis.
5. What is decomposition reaction? Give an example
6. Calcium oxide react with water to form calcium oxide. What type of reaction is it? 7. What happen when ferrous sulphate is heated?
8. What happen when copper metal is dipped in silver nitrate solution/Give the balance chemical equation? 9. Write chemical formula for following.
a. calcium fluoride.b.iron(II)bromide
10. Write chemical names of

a. Ag2O3 b.CuS c. Na2ZnO2
11. Why should a chemical equation be balanced?
12. Write formula of
a. Aluminums chloride.b.Lead phosphate.
13. What is redox reaction? Give example with equation.
14What are oxidation and reduction reaction?
15. Why do gold and platinum not corrode in moist air?

Short Answers

1. Write balanced chemical equation for.
a. Zinc metal reacts with aqueous solution of hydrochloric acid to form zinc chloride solution and hydrogen gas. b. Solid mercury (II) oxide is heated, liquid mercury and oxygen gas is produced. c. Aqueous solution of sulphuric acid and sodium hydroxide react to form aqueous sodium sulphate and water. 2. Balance the following equation.

a. Fe(s)+CuSo4 (aq)---(FeSo4(aq)+Cu(s)
c.Ba(OH)2(aq)+HBr(aq)-(BaBr2(aq)+H 2O(l)

3.What is differences between combination and decomposition reaction? Explain with examples. 4. Can a displacement reaction be a redox reaction? Explain with examples. 5.Complete and balance

a. Cu+AgNO3--(...
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