Cheat Never prospers

Topics: Sleep, Warming up, Drink Pages: 2 (457 words) Published: October 10, 2013
“On your mark, set, go!”, the coach shouts. At this instance, Sam and James sprint out on the track. Seconds later, they both reach the end with Sam cutting off James with 2 seconds. It is only a month away from the regional 100m dash competition, and the coach is not satisfied with James and so is not James himself.

James knows Sam is the only obstacle between the first place and he knows Sam is far beyond his reach to defeat. It is his chance to pursue his dream career and he is not giving this opportunity to Sam. He knows if he uses performance-enhancing drugs, he will be found out easily and banned from sports. He decides to take the other way round. If he makes Sam take performance-deteriorating drugs, Sam will be weak and he will win. For James’ advantage, Sam loves one particular fizzy drink called “Zepper” so James decides to dissolve the drugs into those “Zeeper” drinks and makes the cans look they have not been touched and let Sam drink.

James spends to his very last penny to acquire those drugs. Every evening after the training finishes, James slinks into Sam’s locker and proceeds with his mission, tiring himself. Every night, he stays up late perfecting himself to “renew” the cans and thinking how to persuade Sam drink Zeeper. He misses his usual morning exercises; he loses his appetite after eating burgers and drinking Cokes during the nights; he doesn’t get enough sleeping hours. He loses his concentration and skips warming up and cooling down exercises during training just to check how Sam has weakened.

After two weeks, Sam’s records falls a little but James’ records falls down to a much larger degree. The coach warns them that at this rate they are not going to get the top three positions in the regional competition and to take measures on their diet and to concentrate on the running. Sam starts to drink less “Zeeper” drinks and do more self-training.

The competition day finally arrives. James feels himself weak and tiring in the...
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