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English Writing Ⅱ A (F14 EWA)
Charlotte Brontë
14 October 2014

Charlotte Brontë is an English novelist and poet whose novels have became classics of English literature. In her early life, she got literary influence in her family and experienced harsh education, which both had impact on her literary works. She was born as the third of the six children of her family. She was sent to the boarding school with her sisters, where the school's poor conditions permanently affected her health and physical development, and made her sister Maria and Elizabeth died. After the deaths of her older sisters her father removed Charlotte and Emily, the other sister, from the school. At home, Charlotte and her siblings — Branwell, Emily and Anne – created their own fictional worlds, and they wrote stories and articles based on their imagination. They provided them with an obsessive interest during childhood and early adolescence, which prepared them for literary vocations in adulthood. After growing up, she became a writer when she and her sisters self-financed the publication of a joint collection of poems.

Charlotte wrote 4 novels, Jane Eyre, Shirley, Villette, and The Professor. Particularly, Jane Eyre is one of the most famous novel not only in her works but also in Victorian eras. Primarily of the bildungsroman genre that focuses on the psychological and moral growth of the protagonist from youth to adulthood, Jane Eyre follows the emotions and experiences of its title character, including her growth to adulthood(Wikipedia). It was published on 16 October 1847, under the pen name "Currer Bell." According to Wikipedia, the novel Jane Eyre is a first-person narrative of the title character. It is set somewhere in the north of England, during the reign of George III (1760–1820), and goes through five distinct stages: Jane's childhood at Gateshead Hall, where she is emotionally and physically abused by her aunt and cousins; her education at Lowood...
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