Charlemagne and The Carolingian Empire

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April, 4, 2015

Charlemagne and the Carolingian Empire
A major part of European history is the building of France. Charlemagne and the Carolingian Empire was major factor in the rise to modern France and a huge part of it history. Charlemagne sculpted the landscape of France with political, economic, and educational ventures to establish the Holy Roman Empire. The laying of a foundation for a centralized government is what Charlemagne was aiming for throughout the rein of the Carolingian Empire (encyclopedia). The thesis to this essay is the discussion of how Charlemagne and the Carolingian expanded through Christianity using the three factors said earlier and how Charlemagne sculpted the Frankish empire.
The Carolingian Empire was in lack of better term operational from time period of 750-887 AD (Carolingian dynasty). The Carolingian dynasty took over from what was known as the Merovingian dynasty that’s primary leader and most know was King Clovis. After his death a division of the dynasty took place in which the Carolingian empire or the family of the Frankish that took control of Western Europe (Carolingian dynasty). They started from the position of Mayor of Palace from a separate kingdom of Austrasia that was formed from the previous dynasty Merovingian (Carolingian dynasty). Austrasia formed from years of constant ruler changes and division within the Merovingian dynasty. Though there were several rulers of the Carolingian empire before Charlemagne he was one of the main character of the Carolingian period that became the identity of the era.

Most the discussion of this essay comes from the Charlemagne’s rein of the Carolingian empire. Through another division Pippin III, father of Charlemagne would divide the ruling powers again (Carolingian dynasty). Charlemagne younger brother Carloman received the better portion of land so ill will feel between the two brothers (encyclopedia). Carloman refuse to give aid to Charlemagne when he was being attack by opposing forces (Encyclopedia). Carolman passed away, which one can suspect saved the future chances of a family war (Carolingian dynasty). This lead to the start of the one lead empire by Charlemagne. Charlemagne according to sources was a large, tall, and strong individual (Life of Charlemagne). He was a very noticeable character is a simple way to put it. He was married four times from the internet sources reading (Forty interesting Facts). Charlemagne also only conceived children from his two middle wives (Forty Interesting Facts). According to some sources Charlemagne had an insane amount of children including numbers in the range of nineteen (Forty Interesting Facts). The source also said that Charlemagne was in excellent health until a few years prior to his death where he frequently did not listen to his doctor (Life of Charlemagne). In simpler terms he was a modernistic type of man who refuses to listen or for one go to the doctor as in the hopes of beating whatever it may be with time and not care. The need to discuss the way he dresses is not particularly important to me, but for those would like to know you may one either look up and imagine of Charlemagne or search my source titled Life of Charlemagne in the reference area. However, Charlemagne eating and drinking habits do interest me. Sources say that he was a moderate eater and drinker (Life of Charlemagne). Charlemagne is known for is hate of drunkenness in anybody, but especially himself (Life of Charlemagne). Charlemagne may have been said to eat moderately, but he was also said to be a large man. The First priority for Charlemagne was to take over those who would were threats to him or opposed his leaderships (encyclopedia). This can come from the idea that his brother had refuse to help in battle or the fact of their feud of the land separation issue. This was also due to his objects to expand the empire (Encyclopedia). By gaining control...
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