Character Roles in the Kite Runner

Topics: Character, Fiction, Protagonist Pages: 4 (1341 words) Published: June 18, 2013
In the novel The Kite Runner, written by Khaled Hosseini, the characters Hassan, Amir and Sohrab fill important roles throughout the story. Hassan fills the role of tragedy within the novel because of the multiple unfortunate events which occur toward him in the novel. As a child Hassan is bullied for being a Hazara and is then raped for the same reason. Hassan is betrayed by his best friend when Amir watches him get raped but does nothing to stop it, and lastly Hassan is killed as a young adult, leaving his only son as an orphan. Amir's character is used to fill the role of the main protagonist throughout the story, and in addition to this he also acts as the narrator. Using Amir as the narrator of the story is imperative to many events that take place within The Kite Runner. Sohrab is the character within the story who inspires hope within the reader throughout the entire novel. Sohrab's character was created by Hosseini to counteract the unfortunate events that took place in Hassan's life to give the story a hopeful conclusion in the end. These three characters each fill important roles within Hosseini's novel, and without any one of them the novel would create an entirely different tone. The first character who fills an important role in the story is Hassan, who brings the element of tragedy to the story. Hosseini effectively develops Hassan's character at the beginning of the novel by developing his loyal friendship with Amir. Hosseini's portrayal of Hassan's undying loyalty for Amir during the beginning of the novel makes it even more heart-wrenching when Hassan is raped, because at this point in the story the reader has grown attached to Hassan's loyal demeanor. The reader is left devastated after Hassan is raped, because not only does Amir not stand up for Hassan despite their close relationship, but they also move away from each other. It becomes apparent after this that the two best friends will not see each other for a long time. This is a...
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