Chapter Summaries of "Will You Please Be Quiet, Please? "

Topics: Marriage, Family, Husband Pages: 3 (747 words) Published: February 17, 2012
Will you please be quiet, please?
Raymond Carver
Chapter Summaries
A waitress serves a fat man and is moved by the experience.
A couple house-sitting for neighbors are gradually taking over their neighbors’ lives. They begin to enjoy the feeling of voyeurism and begin to hope: One says, “Maybe they won’t come back.” “The Idea”

A couple spies on a man who spies on his own wife from his garden. “They’re Not your Husband”
Details an out of work salesman´s response to the realization that other men perceive his wife as fat. “Are you a Doctor?”
A woman calls a man by accident it’s a wrong number. She begs him to meet her and he does. “The Father”
A mother and grandfather and daughter discuss the new baby’s features. “But who does Daddy look like?” “Nobody Said Anything”
A boy tries to impress his parents, who are always fighting, by catching a big fish. “Sixty Acres”
A Native American accosts two young kids shooting ducks on his land. He lets them go. He decides to lease some of his land. “What’s in Alaska?”
Two couples get stoned on marijuana one evening.
“Night School”
A man is out of work and living with his parents. He meets two women in a bar and tells them. “I’d say you’re kind of old for that.” “Collectors”
A vacuum salesman demonstrator shows up at the house of an unemployed man. He pointlessly goes through his sales patter. “What do you do in San Francisco?”
The Postman Henry Robertson relates a story of a couple and their three children who move to his rural ,working class town.He chronicles how the family are different from the work based ethic driven town members because of their arty lifestyle.He also chronicles the breakdown in the relationship between the married couple which mirrors his own failed marriage over 20 years before.He relates how a letter ended his own and the Marston's marriage.It also shows his distrust of Mrs Marston and his bias against the woman in the story even though he only sees snippets of their...
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