Chapter 2 Thesis

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Chapter 2
Reviews of Related Literature and Studies
Foreign Literature
FLLMMCIS: A Web-based Database-driven Inventory System
Russell Pierce
Major Professor: Dr. Homer Carlisle
Auburn University
Samuel E. Ginn College of Engineering
Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering
Master’s of Software Engineering (MSWE) Non-thesis Project

This project has produced a working inventory system for the Auburn University Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures Multimedia Center. The produced system is called the Foreign Languages and Literatures Multimedia Center Inventory System, abbreviated as “FLLMMCIS” or simply “IS” within the context of this document for brevity. The IS facilitates the Multimedia Center’s inventory lending activities. The system is a database-driven web site that has been written in ColdFusion backed by a MySQL database. This paper introduces readers to the system and details its development. In this paper an overview of the IS from a functional perspective is offered followed by the details of the project and a brief conclusion.

The inventory system (IS) facilitates the operation of the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures (FLL) Multimedia Center (MMC) library. The primary goal of the library is to provide lending services of multimedia assets to students, faculty, and staff. The system facilitates lending by tracking the status of the library inventory and enables users to perform related business activities. The users of the inventory system are MMC employees. They use the system to maintain an accurate inventory, document lending activities, and administer MMC library policy.

The FLLMMCIS is a database-driven web site. The site is organized into two sections. The library section provides the user with all of the primary functionality for which the system exists. The administration system exists to support the operation of the library section. Users operate within the library section for all day-to-day activities, and use the administration section for special-purpose and occasional activities.

This project has considerable value as a starting point for a stand-alone database interface package. The object library could be elaborated upon to produce a generic database interaction system. With such a system, new database-driven websites could be constructed easily and 55rapidly. To extend the object library into a generic tool, several issues would need to be addressed. This system does not support all MySQL data types. Only data types used in this project are currently supported. Completing support for remaining types would be necessary to create a versatile tool. Also, scalability has not been considered. The system is adequate for its intended purpose and work done towards scalability would not likely benefit the customer. To produce a generic tool, scalability concerns should be addressed. In particular, database and query optimization should be considered carefully if the tool is to be used for larger systems with more complex databases. Dynamic websites are becoming the norm on the World Wide Web. Systems like the IS are in high-demand. While it may appear to be a relatively simple tool, the subtleties of developing such a system are paramount. Good database design is crucial for creating systems that can accurately model business semantics. Reuse is of primary concern for this kind of development as well. If reuse is not employed, systems like the IS would contain large amounts of redundant code resulting in a system that is difficult to maintain. The IS project has provided an opportunity for me to produce a fielded software product. I now have experience dealing with a dynamic set of requirements. The term “feature creep” is used to describe the phenomena of an ever-expanding requirements set. The temptation as a developer to try to incorporate features that go beyond the core of the...
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