Chapter 17 WOS review

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Chapter 17

Which NTFS permission(s) should you assign if the user should be able to create folders and files and open files to read data, but not delete files. Write, Read
To use Remote Desktop, the computer you access remotely can be running Windows 7 Home Premium or Windows 7 Professional. False
Which statements is true about controlling access to folders and files? Rights are assigned to accounts
Which of the following is NOT true about Group Policy?
All policies are applied before the logon screen appears
To which group does Windows give access to folders that you create which are not part of your user profile? Authenticated Users
If you want to be able to power up a computer remotely, what feature should you use? Wol
Which of the following is true about which folders to use to hold shared data when working with a workgroup? Private data for each user should be kept in their c:\users folder Which of the following is a task you CAN’T do from the IE General tab? Disable file downloads

Which of the following is described as computer that intercepts requests that a browser makes of a server and can cache received content. Proxy server
When mapping a drive, you can type in the path to the shared folder on the host computer. What is the syntax for the path? \\server\sharedfolder
Which type of permission should you set to control access to files and folders by local and network users? NTFS on NTFS volumes only
Which built-in group might Windows automatically assign a user account to when determining its permissions? Anonymous users
When troubleshooting a live network cable, what should you use? A loopback plug
The default value of the security level in IE is Medium-high. True
On the IE General tab you can block cookies.
If a Windows computer belongs to a domain, all security is managed by the network administrator for the entire network. True
Which of the following is NOT true about Remote Desktop?
By default all users can access Remote...
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