Changes in Farming Post Civil War

Topics: Southern United States, American Civil War, Great Plains Pages: 4 (1395 words) Published: March 25, 2010
Changes in Farming: Contributing factors in farming changes post Civil War

After the Civil War there were many factors that contributed the changes that occurred in farming in America. Among them was the drive for the South to renew and regain what had been lost due to the war. Leaders saw it as a time to diversify and turn towards industrialization. The Industrial revolution was underway and with it brought many new inventions that would lead to growth in the farming industry. The wide open space between the East and the West called “The Frontier” was open for homesteading. New immigrants with their farming knowledge and ability were flooding the East and West gates of the U.S. This was a time in American history when Americans made the “American dream” what it is today. The end of the Civil War in 1865, fought between the North and the South, spurred many changes in farming in the South. The changes occurred rather quickly and started in what was referred to as The New South. The New South, wanting to keep the Union of the North at bay and decided diversification was the key. Before the Civil War Cotton was a thriving crop in the South that gave the region a sense of power. Many southerners blamed cotton for its losses caused by the Civil War and some might speculate that without this crop, also know as “King Cotton”, the Civil War may not have taken place. After the Civil War the South was left to rebuild and reestablish what had been destroyed. Many leaders also saw this as a time for economic growth. The south had very good soil for other crops to thrive in. First of the many changes in the New South was the resurgence of tobacco. The discovery of two new tobaccos named Bright leaf and Burley helped increase the tobacco production and market. Other changes to follow were the growth in products such as Louisiana sugar cane, rice, Southern Pine trees, clay, coal, glass and stone products. The introduction of Hydroelectricity which is...

References: This link leads you to a page describing tenant farming and share cropping in depth.
A link to Georgia’s cotton history from the state’s encyclopedia
This link will bring you to information on the gilded age
The text book provided online for unit 1 US History 2
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