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1.1 Defining change management
Organizational change management is to manage the impact of the work of the new business processes, changes in organizational structure or changes in the company's culture. In short, it is to handle the people side of the change management. (Margaret Rouse,2009)

Organizational change is a structured approach of an organization to make sure that the changes seamless and successfully implemented to reach a prolonged benefits. With the business environment dramatically changed so much, the set organization must learn to be at ease with changes as well. Hence this capacity to managing and adapting to changes in the organization is significant capabilities needed in today's workplace. Examples of such changes is the mission;

      a) Strategic change
      b) Operational changes (including changes in structure)       c) Technological change
      c) Changing attitudes and behaviors member
      d) Personality Changes Wide
Such as changes in the above, one of the organizations that do the above changes are Nokia Corporation. When Eloc entering Nokia in 2010, he has made changes in the Nokia.strategic. In June 30, 2012 the Nokia Leadership Team was changes.

1.2 Introduction of Nokia Corporation
Nokia Corporation is the largest telecommunications equipment manufacturer in the world and is the largest company in Finland. The center is located on Airport officials Espoo, Finland, and the Companies is best known through his mobile phone products. The company known for producing mobile phones to protocol and all major marketplace .

In 1967, Nokia Corporation formed after the merger of three companies, namely Finland Works Co., Ltd., the forest industry by mining engineer Fredrik Idestam and Finnish Cable Works. Nokia is well known in the mobile communications industry, enabling business travel industry through different from the normal. Name of Nokia still known by entire world however now Nokia is going through a tough time as they have to compete with many rivals suddenly appear and offer customers a smartphone that certainly interesting. Nokia also need to faced with their external and internal factors of crisis.

To handle problems and crisis that happens, Nokia has done a lot of changes in management

2.1a)The changes implemented
2.1.1 Five businesses.
Business in rubber, electronics, power, cable and forestry is was five of business in 1967 when the owner of each business unite with each other. Unity between the five business has formed Nokia Corporation. During the entire the 1990s, the latex, cable and consumer electronics parts progressively sold as Nokia continue discharging from all non-telecommunications businesses.

In 1992, Nokia's CEO has made a big difference when no longer produce products that have been done instead decided to just make the telecommunications business. when nokia focuses on investing early in telecommunications and GSM technology in 1998, it automatically lead to the company becoming company mobile phone manufacturer in the world.

2.1.2 New boss new strategy
Time passes too fast and the technology is changing. when technological change, competitors such as apple, samsung appear and offer products based smartphones, Nokia realized that the mobile phone market has fallen sharply. Customers prefer to buy a smart phone than a mobile phone. in 2010 Elop joined Nokia and started a new strategic review for nokia corporation. When first joining Nokia, he realized there were some in the culture of the corporation.

Elop joined Nokia in 2010 and began a strategic review. When he join Nokia there is some culture he can see in that corporate culture. Some of the culture;
  - A domestic Finnish cultural, protected outside
- Managers who work only for their career
- No effort for future development
- Do not focus on the change in the product from competitors

The new boss needs to make a...
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