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An extract and clarifications of changes in rules and systems of Lovely Professional University (Applicable w.e.f. Session 2013-14) Lovely Professional University has always valued feedback from its different stakeholders – especially from students and teachers. We can boast of a formal system of feedback in the University which supplements the informal mechanisms for feedback on issues such as curriculum, pedagogy, evaluation and other rules and systems of the University.

Feedbacks on some key issues were taken from students and staff in session 2012-13. All the feedbacks were thoroughly considered and after deliberations in high level committees the following changes have been made in the ‘Academic & Examination Rules for Regular Programmes’ which have been enforced w.e.f. Academic Session 2013-14.


Minimum at t e n da n c e re q u i r em e nt s f or s t u de n t s e n r ol l e d i n F u l l -time and P a r t time Regular Programmes : 1. (a) Students of the University are expected and encouraged to attend all the classes of every course. A student should attend 80% or more in aggregate of delivered classes, in all registered courses of theory ( lectures and tutorial ) and practical (including workshops training, seminar, projects, training etc.) of the concerned term including optional / additional , elective / specialization and backlog courses. (b) A relaxation of 05% in attendance is granted to take care of a student’s absence due to medical reasons and other genuine exigencies.

2. It is mandatory for a student to have a minimum of 75% attendance in an individual course to earn marks for attendance in that course. Marks for attendance will be awarded to Full –time regular students only.

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Marks would be awarded as per the following table:

Percentage Attendance 90% or more 85% or more but less than 90% 80% or more but less than 85% 75% or more but less than 80%

Marks (applicable for Full-time Programmes only) 5 4 3 2

No marks will be given for attendance below 75%.

3. Shortage of attendance upto a maximum of 10% may further be condoned in genuine cases, by a competent authority, based on the student’s past attendance record. Aggregate attendance percentage in the previous term(s) available 90% or more 85% or more but less than 90% 80% or more but less than 85% 75% or more but less than 80% 4. An aggregate attendance below 65% shall not be condoned. 5. For condoning the shortage of attendance, the competent authority following norms: (a) In case of Continuing students of Semester programmes: The aggregate attendance of the immediate two previous terms will be taken into consideration. Percentage shortage in attendance that may be condoned would be determined by taking the sum of the immediate two previous terms aggregate attendance as per table in point no. 3, subject to a maximum condoning of 10% in a term. will be guided by the Percentage shortage in attendance that may be condoned* ( for Full-time and Part-time Programmes ) 10 8 6 4

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Illustration: A student of batch 2012-13 of B. Tech. (4 years) had an aggregate attendance of 82% in the Autumn Term (Term –I) of Session 2012-13 and 84% in the Spring Term (Term – II) of Session 2012-13. If he/she falls sick in the Autumn Term of Session 2013-14 and has an aggregate attendance in this term of 67% i.e. he/she falls short of the minimum required attendance of 75%, then the shortage in attendance will be condoned based on his/her immediate previous two terms’ attendance. For the Autumn Term of Session 2012-13 he/she gets a benefit of 06% (as per table in point no. 3 the attendance was between 80% -85%) and for the Spring Term of Session 2012-13 he/she will get the benefit of 06% (as the attendance was between 80-85%). The sum of these two percentages comes out to 12% (6+6) but the attendance shortage will be condoned upto a maximum of 10%. By adding 10% to his/her attendance of 67% his attendance...
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