Challenge: One Week Without Television

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Challenge: One Week Without Television

In today’s society we find it difficult to pry ourselves away from technology. Everywhere we go we find our selves immerse within our cell phones and tablets. Even more so we rely on our television to provide us with instant entertainment. So naturally taking on a challenge that required me to remove Television from my life completely for one week would prove to be difficult.

At first I thought it nothing and decided to take this challenge over thanksgiving break. I thought I would be so involved with being with friends and family activities that it wouldn’t really affect me too much. As soon as I got home I realized I was wrong. I was raised in football and to not watch the thanksgiving football game was near impossible. I was constantly having to text my friends and find out what the scores were.

I also underestimated how much television my family watches. With my little brother being ten years old, cartoons are constantly on. Because I’m rarely home my brother also found it a requirement for me to spend every moment possible with him in any activity he decided to do. Every morning I would wake up to Either Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or Ben 10 and have to try to leave the room. By Saturday morning I had already broken the challenge of no television.

I didn’t realize how much family time included sitting together in front of a television. Specifically in the morning on the weekends we would wake up and start off our day by turning on the television as we ate breakfast. Overall this challenge can be done however it takes a lot of will power and support from the people around you.
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