Certificate Authority and Application Form

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Application Form
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Admission (Scholar) No. .............................

Name of the Student _____________________________________________


Class to which admission sought_____________________________________

As Boarder/Day Boarder________________________________


Date of Birth___________________(In words)____________________________________________

Place of Birth_____________________ Whether SC/ST/OBC ________________________________

Nationality____________________________ Religion_____________________________________

Permanent Home Address____________________________________________________________

____________________________________State _____________________Pin _________________

Phone (Off.) _______________________________(Resi.) ___________________________________

Mobile ______________________________Email_________________________________________

Address for Correspondence_________________________________________________________


Father's Name_____________________________________ Nationality_______________________

Education___________________________________ Occupation____________________________

Business Address___________________________________________________________________

_________________________________________________ Phones__________________________

Mother's Name_______________________________________ Nationality____________________

Education_____________________________________ Occupation__________________________

Name and age of real brothers & sisters studying in this school (if Applicable)____________________


Name of last school attended ___________________________from _____________to____________

Any information regarding the child's health (special medical conditions, allergies etc.)____________


Annual Income of Parents (must be completed) Approx_____________________________________

Date Signature of Parent/Guardian


Admission charges including security paid vide R. No._______________________ Date___________

Date of admission_________________________________________ Date of joining_____________

Class to which admitted___________________________________ Scholar No._________________


(Signature of Principal)


1.The under mentioned documents are submitted with this application form:-

(a)Birth certificate in original (for play group to KG Class) along with a photocopy.

(b)Transfer Certificate from previous school (Class 1st onwards) duly signed by Principal & Countersigned by Dist. Education Officer of the area.

(c)Character Certificate (Class VIII th Onwards)

(d)Migration Certificate (for Class XI & XII)

(e)Medical Fitness Certificate including Blood Group (For Boarders only)

(f)Two copies of photograph size 3 cm.x2.5 cm.

Note : In case any of the above certificate is not furnished along with the application form, the same will be submitted within one month from the date of admission otherwise admission will be rendered invalid and cancelled.

2.On acceptance of this application, I agree to :-

(a)Abide by all the rules and regulations regarding the student's attendance and discipline laid down by the school.

(b)Pay the fees and allied charges as indicated in the fee schedule for the academic session.

(c)Submit three...
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