Centering & M.C Richards

Topics: Creativity, Cognition, English-language films Pages: 2 (444 words) Published: January 13, 2013
M.C Richards

It is seldom easy to say simply what the creative process is. Creativity goes beyond the abstract motion, and the conventional gestures to include a sophisticated state of mind. Although it seems that the tools itself is at work sometimes, sketching, carving, or modeling it is usually something deeper down in our subconscious that controls it. Thus, it is essential that we begin to look at creativity with new eyes, and broader thoughts, and then use this creativity wisely instead of imprisoning it. We are to embrace the beauties and the flaws of our creativity and make something poetic out of it. We are to learn and to reflect on all the different aspects of this work.

We were made out of clay, and this is maybe why we are so enchanted by the touch of those earthly materials. In a time where we are distant from nature that gave birth to humankind we need to stay in contact with the raw and untreated. The texure of elements such as stone, wood, or steel brings us closer to our human formation. Those elements are capable of producing their own symphony if we let them. If we pay enough attention, we would be able to hear the stunning melodies of this symphony, and if we allow ourselves to engage freely we will feel the harmony run through our veins. Yet, it should be understood that this is not an easy task. This hardship is materialized in the act of centering the piece of clay, and in the exhausting process of trying to shape it; continuously forcing it to take a form that it insists on resisting. We cannot expect the clay to submit to us, if we ourselves are not ready to become one with it. Hence, only when we are entirely one with what we are making, and when we center ourselves as well we can expect to see our efforts blossom. Only when we allow the power of the craft to guide us we can break free from the strains and limitations of the medium.

But then how do we preserve these efforts? and how do we extend this power to every other...
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