censorship of internet in China

Topics: Freedom of speech, Internet censorship, Pornography Pages: 2 (504 words) Published: September 25, 2014
Since the Facebook and YouTube are blocked in main land China, i feel totally disconnected with the US after i go back to China for vacation. Not only myself, but also the whole country is blocked from rest of the world because of the censorship for the internet. The censorship of internet is not good for the country and its nation. Censorship of the internet block the people in China from the rest of the world which is harmful for the development for the country. Nobody can progress all on themselves, they cannot see the defects clearly as other do. The theory is the same for progress of the country, no communications and connect with other countries will only lead to fall behind. However, there are still some people support the censorship. They state that the censorship of internet is necessary. Because children can see sexually explicit materials which is unhealthy for them through the opening internet. Surely we should keep the bad information away from the children but there is no need to forbid everything about the sex in the internet. Proper and moderate information is necessary and good for the children. Whereas, government makes a sensitive topic even more awkward. Forbid of healthy sex education and free thoughts will not make country progress. Likewise, block the Chinese people from the world, often get bias information. If the news on the internet is fact, the government do not have to censor it. In addition, if the information is bias, people still will find out the truth someday which means censor the internet is useless and harmful to people. Besides, people get curious when they can't see something and they will do anything that it takes to find what they want. The hiding of the fact could not last forever, people will find the information anyway. The anger of feeling betrayal will cause and develop the disappointment from the nation. As the disappointment increase day by day, people will do violence things to release the feeling. Also,...
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