Cemetery Path

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Cemetery path
Short story
By Leonard Q.Ross Description of story
The rundown of this story is that Ivan the main character is bullied by his village (the villagers called him Pigeon or mocked him with the title Ivan the terrible.) Ivan tries to show to the village that he is not timid or afraid but when the lieutenant gives him a bet Ivan shows the village that he is not scared and accept the bet. (Perhaps it was the vodka. Perhaps it was the temptation of the five gold rubles. No one ever knew why Ivan, moistening his lips, said suddenly, "Yes, lieutenant, I'll cross the cemetery.")
The setting in cemetery path was portrayed in a dark night where it was set in a time where people lived in villages and there was a saloon/bar (Late on winter's night, when bitter wind and snow beat against the saloon, the customers took up the familiar mockery) where Ivan would walk to and also a cemetery (Ivan never crossed the cemetery to get to his lonely shack on the other side) where the important part of Ivan’s bet was set. Also the setting of the story also helped to give the horror and the gothic like setting to engage the reader to read more and to see what happens at the end. This makes it interesting and revulsion to the overall story.
The character that I have chosen was Ivan. Ivan was a timid man and little(Ivan was a timid little man-so timid that the villagers called him "Pigeon" or mocked him with the title "Ivan the Terrible) and also he’s scared at the start but then shows courage and strength ) at the end of the story.("Yes, lieutenant, I'll cross the cemetery." , Ivan pushed the cemetery gate open. He walked fast. "Earth, is just earth... like any other earth." But the darkness was a massive dread). The two things that Ivan did to help me form my opinion were that first I liked it how he showed strength and courage by accepting to cross the cemetery this showed that Ivan was not scared and showing the village

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