Celtic Women

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Celtic people arrived to England from Central Europe or, maybe, from southern Russia, moving slowly westwards once they were in England. The Celts were organized in tribes, and their leaders were chosen from each family; the election was often as a result of a fight, but commonly by election. From this ruling class, the Druids seemed to have great importance. These people had the necessary knowledge in Celtic society; they couldn’t read or write, but they memorized all the religious teachings, the laws and history. Each of these tribes were in contact politically and socially through the trade among them. But an extremely striking aspect in Celtic period was how culturally and socially independent women were at that time.

As Celts were a warlike culture women used to be as fierce as men, thus giving them a sense of equal justice. For example, women could own properties, get divorce of their husbands, and participate in political, religious, intellectual and judicial situations. Moreover, their power led some of them to become queens of their communities as well; the most famous of these queens was Boadicea, Queen of Iceni. Although her bright hair fell to her knees, she had a frightening look and an unpleasant voice. As she led many rebellions, she was successful in uniting many tribes.

As well as good leaders and warriors, women in Celtic culture could be priestesses or druidesses. Two of the most famous priestesses were Veleda and St. Brigid. The first one arbitrated between two Roman factors around 69-79 B.C. In the case of St. Brigid, who became the patron of Ireland, was trained as a druid to the goddess Brigid before converting to Christianity. There were no Celtic Goddesses of love, because they were warlike tribes; on the other hand, Goddesses of fertility and natural cycle of life were the most common in this culture.

Some discoveries were made about everyday lives of Celtic women. Most of them worked with...
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