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17 March 2013
Positive Effects of Cellular Phones in Society
The cellular phone is perhaps one of the greatest innovations known to man. The cellular phone coupled with technological advancements has influenced the lives of people from all lifestyles globally. However, the cellular phone has undergone massive evolution over time from the bulky hand-held telephone at its beginning to the hand-held mobile devices it is today. Through evolution the cellular phone has a positive effect on society. The cellular phone started essentially as a communication device. However, it has evolved into a personal organizer, a mobile office, an instrument of distribution of culture and knowledge among other utilities. The society has seemingly evolved alongside the cellular phone. Notable, is the effect the cellular phone has had on the manner the society communicates, engages in business, entertains itself, and generates popular culture (Hanson 213). The present society is so reliable on the cellular phone that it cannot imagine a day without it. In essence, the cellular phone has helped today’s society to be what it is by influencing literary every aspect of living in the twenty-first century. This includes being interconnected, more knowledgeable, innovative, and globalized. What follows are a few aspects of the society that have benefitted from the cellular phone. Communication is perhaps the single biggest gain for the society because of cellular phones. Although this was the original intention of the cellular phones during their inception, advancements in this area has seen increased benefits to the society (Murray 59). To begin with, people may easily keep in touch globally through voice services and short messaging services (sms) also known as texting (Baldwin, n.d.). In addition, advanced models of cellular phones allow sending of electronic mail and sharing of photos and videos (Pandey, 2012). Major advancements in the increase of frequencies of cellular communication and broadening of data transfer bandwidths allow exchange of large contents of information. One of such advancements that come with improved cellular phone models is video calls that allow regular phone voice calls to be accompanied by videos of the caller and the receiver (Katz 212). This gives a near realistic effect to communication that resembles face-to-face communication. Increased accessibility to mobile devises has also contributed greatly to the number of people able to communicate using cellular phones (Pandey, 2012). Cellular phones have also drastically reduced the cost of communication. This has been occasioned by the low costs of calling as compare to the previous models of using fixed line telephones, which cost more especially for long distance calls. In addition, the cost of the cellular phones themselves has drastically reduced due to increased competition among manufactures and improved manufacturing technologies. The fact that cellular phones are hand-held devices makes communication convenient. One can communicate while engaging in other activities like walking, queuing at a bank or supermarket, and riding in a bus, train, or car. This allows people to multitask which saves time (Pandey, 2012). Cellular phones have increased the level of safety and the feeling of security in the society. This is because a cell phone is a mobile device that is carried by people everywhere they are. Therefore, the cell phone becomes useful in times of emergency. For instance, one may call for help in cases of motor accidents, sudden sickness, robbery, elevator failure, and other similar events (Stewart, 2008). In fact, cell phones are coded at the manufacturing factory, with emergency call numbers that one can use, even if one does not have calling units; what is referred to as emergency service. These include 911, police line numbers, ambulance numbers, customer care numbers for calling the cell...

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