Celebrity culture has a negative impact on teenagers

Topics: Adolescence, Celebrity, Celebrities Pages: 1 (409 words) Published: February 25, 2014
Is it normal that seventy percent of the celebrities, male or female end up taking drugs or becoming alcoholic? Is our society like that? During the last twenty years many celebrities become stupidly rich, and don’t really know what to do with the money or how to manage those tremendous quantities. The necessity to spend it or waste it becomes more accentuated, and drugs may be a quick “solution” of wasting their money. But in most cases, they´re lives. Teenagers usually copy celebrity’s actions and looks they sometimes have them as role models. This can have two possible impacts on teenagers; negative or positive. When the star is a clear-minded, rational and healthy person, teenagers could make use of those blessings and maybe they want to emulate them so they can become great people. However, it doesn’t always end-up that way. Some famous people aren’t the most adequate role models someone can have. Copying the wrong role model may have its consequences. Fashions and trends are often started by them and their extravagant ideas. Some people may argue that celebrities trail blaze new fashions and trends, which may give confidence and courage adolescents to stand out. However, the current fashion is for taking drugs, crash diets…For example, Paris Hilton became a fashion icon as she always wore pink and carried a small-scale chiguagua everywhere. Teens wanted to be just like her and it distracted girls on their studies as they only thought about wearing pink. Celebrities are said to inspire the world by giving advice about the errors and mistakes they did along the road. But is it really advice? Or just simple, meaningless and insignificant phrases which are systematically in our society. Famous quotes such as “As soon as you stop wanting something, you get it”-Andy Warhol may encourage to stop following their dreams and crashing their future objectives by just `stop wanting them´

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