cause of football injuries

Topics: American football, Theodore Roosevelt, Forward pass Pages: 5 (1623 words) Published: December 3, 2013
 Cause of Football Injuries
The world of football in the world’s eyes is quickly changing. Instead of many people thinking of this sport as one of the world’s most beloved sources of entertainment, this characterization has become incorrect in many ways because of both conflicts and interconnections with injuries. It’s difficult to decipher the actual cause of the injuries. However, there are still clear distinctions of the evolution of football equipment, and the immediate effects of the lack of protection which it had. Although the advancement of football equipment has drastically increased, the injury toll has as well. In the 1900’s body trauma wasn’t an overwhelming issue. Theodore Roosevelt advanced the game of football. His influence gave the protection of leather equipment, and player very scarcely got hurt. On the other hand, injuries in the twentieth century are constantly occurring. Many researchers say that this continuation is due to wanting positive physical appearance such as capacity, the advancements in helmets, and the advancements in shoulder pads. All in which came into play from the persuasion of President Theodore Roosevelt. Wanting positive physical appearance such as capacity on the field has transformed football into a gigantic game of “rock em sock em.” Players were constantly being beat up by the opponent. The thought that there is always someone working harder than one is chiseled in to children’s brains. Studies revealed that the athlete who held records in the weight room played the least, were hurt the most, and weren’t the best athlete based on speed, quickness, agility, and lateral movement. (Training Fitness) Dispelling the theory that the player who could lift the most was the superior athlete. The danger is kids are being forced into conventional weight lifting programs. The harsh fact is that most adolescences aren’t given the chance for their bodies to develop. Conventional weight training actually create injury, by creating muscle imbalance throughout the body. The use of heavy loads compromise and dangerously stretch ligaments, tendons and cartilage in all joints. Everyone’s body has a weight limitation. When this limit is exceeded damage occurs. Sports injuries from ACL, MCL, PCL, meniscus, labrum, and spine all happen from excessive weight training. I know this is true because in high school I tore my ACL, MCL, and meniscus due to overwhelming weight training. This goes to show that the competition of becoming the best through weight training is one reason for the down fall of football. It’s fairly easy to take for granted the equipment utilized by the participants is the same as it’s always been. Ready to defend the players from harsh blows that the game demands. According to (Bleach Report) the game of football has changed from its origins as a rugby-like affair in the late 1860’s to the modern game we know in 2013. The equipment design to shield the competitors has also been completely transformed within the one hundred and forty four years of the games existents. When football first began being played in the United States, it was indeed called football, but it looked far more similar to the game of rugby (About). It was 1890’s before the consistent mentioning of protection for the head. The obvious reason for the helmet advancements was injury prevention. According to (Bleach Report) the modifications of rules prior to the change of the helmets were introduced by a man named Walter Camp. Camp’s revolutionary ideas introduced the snap, field size, and allowing tackling below the waist (Bleach Report). Although some people say that rugby is still as tough as American football; Amy daughter from (Bleach Report) states in her research that twenty three participants actually died playing college football prior to rules being tweaked and defensive gear being introduced. Helmets weren’t mandatory pieces of equipment in college ball until 1939. The first helmets were made by...
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